Costco products and an amazing video

As I mentioned previously, I would be providing some "Josh approved" products that are available at Costco locations.  Many of our readers have written in with their suggestions and favorites too, and some of those have been included in this list (thank you to those who wrote in).  Although there are others, this list will give you some idea of what I purchase or recommend.  Additionally, here is some general advice, whether you are shopping at Costco or anywhere else…

Always look for Organics and Non-GMO (click here to see a previous post on GMO). Obviously, not everyone can afford to maintain a solely organic diet, so click here to see a little cheat sheet and find out what the most important items to buy organic are (scroll down until you see item #3, The "Dirty Dozen" image, then click on it and you can print it copy for your shopping trips).

I also wanted to share this amazing video below. It certainly makes us consider the intelligence of other beings we share our planet with.  Hope you enjoy it!



The list...

Fruits & Veggies:

If you can find organic fruits…go for them!  I am fortunate enough to live in a location with a weekly farmers market, so I get many organics from a stand there.  As far as fruits at Costco…Refer to the list of the most important produce items to buy organic.  

Earthbound Organic:

Baby Greens
Heirloom Lettuce Heads
       Baby Carrots
       Table/Juicing Carrots
Organic Apples
Pesticide Free – Hot House Grown
       Bell Peppers:  Red 6 large
       Bell Peppers:  Red, Yellow, Orange
       Tomatoes: (Cherry, On the Vine and Roma)


Hannah Organic “Hummus” 
Emerald Valley Organic Medium Salsa


I would always recommend eating non-processed, whole foods whenever possible.  However, I do feel that frozen veggies and some fruits (like berries) are fine.  Again, I would prefer organic in any selection.

ByBee Foods: Organic Frozen Peas,  Organic Petite Whole Green Beans
B Bee: Copper Sweet White Corn (sustainable and non-GMO)
Triple Berry Mix
Village Harvest Whole Grain Creations
Madame Edamame (non-GMO)

Dried Goods: 

Tru-Roots Organic Quinoa
Tru Roots Organic Sprouted Trio Beans
Organic Golden Flax Meal

Canned Goods:

Organic Amy’s Soups


Barbara’s Organic Cereals (I of course recommend those with vegan only ingredients).


Organic Kirkland Corn Chips
Food Should Taste Good Multi-grain chips – Non-GMO
Kettle Baked Salt & Pepper Chips – Non-GMO
Trio Bars


Vita Coco Young Coconut Water
Kirkland Organic Soy Milk
Pacific Organic Rice Milk
Nuts: (note: the best nuts you could buy would be raw and organic - but they can be expensive and found at specialty stores or online)

Marantha Organic Almond Butter - It is awesome!
Pine Nuts